Luggage forwarding

Not all countries have the same stringent security or baggage handling regulations that apply in Europe for the US.

So wrapping luggage brings peace of mind for passengers as well as rotecting the reputation of your terminal and the airplanes operating from your airport.Whilst luggage wrapping is mainly to be found in airports , it can also be valuable toll in bus, train or coach stations, especially if cross-border travel is occurring.

Passengers are exposed when travelling with luggage, and unfortunately, can be victims of illicit goods being placed in their luggage and then unknowingly being used to smuggle substances across borders.Having their luggage wrapped will alert the passenger to anu tampering that may have occurred.This also helps to improve terminal security.

The state-of-the-art wrapping stations are located in the public areas of a terminal, allowing passengers to protect their luggage prior in check-in. Providing luggage wrapping is a key service for your business as it promotes your commitment to security, reduces the number of lost property items and provides a more enhanced journey for the passenger.

Luggage wrapping will also help to reduce lost property and complaints being made. Sometimes a passenger will pack a lot of things into a single suitcase which can result in the bag bursting open during transit or when being handled.Wrapping the luggage will hold it securely shut,preventing this occurring

Did you know?

If you’re like most travellers, you’ve probably never considered shipping your luggage when you find you have exceeded your baggage allowance weight. It seems convenient pay the excess fees to check in your luggage with your airline. But is it the only option? No, quite simply Luggage Forwarding is a cheaper and stress free alternative.

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